Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yogurtland lies!

Back before I started the Paleo diet, I had what I thought was a "healthy" obsession....Yogurtland. When the chain first opened in my area back in 2008, this place changed my life. Literally, it was like the place was selling gold with the way the line backed up almost to the freeway. I had to have my Yogurtland any chance I got. It was delicious and before I knew about processed foods, I was led to believe that I was having a healthy dessert.

Fast forward 6 years: I don't go to Yogurtland as much as I did in the previous years....okay I lied. Maybe more. We started going twice a week...once a week at the minimum. A few hours after my delicious  "healthy" treat, I'd get these massive gas pains in the pit of my stomach. The pains would last for days--like someone was squeezing my insides. I thought maybe it was all the veggies I was eating on the Paleo diet. Maybe I was lactose intolerant? So I had to start taking gas pills at night, or I couldn't sleep at all. Finally the gas would subside after a few days, but then we'd go to Yogurtland again and the same thing would happen to me each time we ate there. If I was lactose intolerant why didn't ice cream do the same thing to me? Sadly, I had to stop eating the yogurt at Yogurtland and stick with the sorbets. The sorbets were a safe bet. No stomach issues after eating those. I was curious about the ingredients in the yogurt that were causing my serve digestive problems and this is what I found:

 Yogurtland is claiming to be healthy? Are they are crack?

Now most of the sorbets are safe....but not all:

It saddens me to see this. I guess I'm just better off if I stay away from the place all together.  Yogurtland, you've led me on for so many years. You should be ashamed.


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