Monday, September 14, 2015

My Review of Orange Sushi in Orange, California

 The Firecracker Roll

 The Tiger Roll

 The Fire Cracker Roll

The Mozzarella Stick Roll

The Golden Crunch Roll

My Review of Orange Sushi in Orange, California: The husband and I went here last week. We like to try new sushi places. I ordered the Fire Cracker roll which had ahi tuna and avocado inside. It had spicy tuna on top! So delicious with the spicy sauce they put on top. I also ordered the Golden Crunch roll which was basically a California shrimp roll. It was deep fried in tempura batter. I was really not impressed with this roll. It was pretty soggy from being deep fried. My husband ordered the Tiger roll, which was pretty good and the Mozzarella roll. The Mozzarella roll was kind of weird. I wouldn't ordered that next time. I will be ordering the Fire Cracker roll again next time we go. We enjoyed this place. Good prices and good quality food. A-


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